Together with our clients, we develop solutions particularly tailored to our clients’ needs.

The qualified team of ABP Anwälte Burger & Partner contributes its profound legal and technical competence already during the product development stage, thus significantly supporting research work already.

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As intellectual property (IP) requires specialists, we focus exclusively on the practice of intellectual property law.

We possess wide and profound experiences in the area of law prosecution in Europe, in the USA and in China, forming the basis for excellent solutions in the protection of patents and trademarks.

An extract from our broad range of services related to intellectual property rights:

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  • Legal counsel and representation before authorities, trademark and patent offices
  • Drafting and filing intellectual property rights
  • Elaboration of international filing strategies
  • Prosecution of intellectual property rights
  • Evaluation of search results
  • Employees’ Invention Act


Our extensive range of services in conjunction with a high degree of identification with our clients’ needs guarantees best results.

ip dienstleistung management

In addition to developing and protecting Intellectual property, ABP Anwälte Burger & Partner also offers IP management. This unique range of services is particularly advantageous for industrial enterprises.

In addition to obtaining intellectual property rights, we pay particular attention to their prosecution with respect to your competitors.In order to be able to provide our management services all over the world, ABP Anwälte Burger & Partner works with local experts that are most familiar with the requirements unique to this special field.

ABP Services

By means of developing, protecting and managing intellectual property on a communicative, integrated and sustainable basis, we help our clients to prosper.
ABP Anwälte Burger & Partner is their clients’ full-service partner in all areas of IP and maintain an international network of specialized law offices.