forum invent: ABP experts give insights

The Attorneys at law Dr. Hannes Burger, Dr. Clemens Ofner and Dr. Katarina Casals Ide provided following information at the forum invent 2016 events in Krems, Linz, Klagenfurt, Graz and Vienna: 

  • Patent 4.0 - The legal side of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • The power of brands
  • Contracts as protection for business secrets

"At the beginning there is always an idea"- Watch the video of Eurofit from December 13th, 2016: (as well as at:

(December 2016)

China's Patent Trick

rechtsanwalt hannes burger blogChina is at war - at the plagiarist war against Europe! Attorney at law Dr. Hannes Burger provides valuable insights and tips for successfully defending Chinese competitors in this field.

The Austrian magazine "Factory" reports in the print issue No. 7-8 (Jul-Aug) 2016 as well as online about background, risks and strategies in the fight against Chinese imitators.

(July 2016)

forum invent: The Power of Brands

rechtsanwalt clemens ofner forum inventMarketing without brands is like a land purchase without a land register entry!

On June 28th, Attorney at law Dr. Clemens Ofner spoke about the power of brands and possible trademark strategies like:

- the protection of intellectual products (such as company names, product names, but also fragrances, sounds, ...)
- the protection against unwanted imitation

in Linz. More information and a review of the IP event can be found at: 

Press release in the invent magazine: Issue 02/2016

Foto: (C) Bohmann

(June 2016)

forum invent: Intellectual Property and Patents

Contracts as an instrument to protect business secrets was one of the topics of the forum invent at the IMC University in Krems on June 15th, 2016.

  • How can unpatented, technical knowledge be protected?
  • What is the use of non-disclosure contracts?
  • What is confidential information and how can you protect it?
  • What do non-disclosure contracts arrange?

These and more questions were answered by Attorney at law Dr. Katarina Casal Ide, expert in IP right contracts and agreements and partner of Anwälte Burger and Partner Rechtsanwalt GmbH since December 2015. 

(June 2016)

Strong protection of know-how

informer magazin 201605 casalsInventions can be protected effectively by patents. Attorney at law Dr. Katarina Casals Ide explains how to protect know-how effectively and which aspects are remarkably in R&D cooperations. Visit page 35 of the Informer Magazine (Issue 05/2016) to read the full article. 

(May 2016)

With patent strategy to a successful product

rechtsanwalt hannes burger forum inventThat was the central theme of a the roadshow of seminars entitled "forum invent" in the year 2015.

Dr. Hannes Burger explained which patents suit to your products at the final seminar on November 9, 2015 in Vienna. He also informed about opportunities in the field of IP protection.

The TV series "Eurofit" reported on "Schau TV" about the successful forum invent seminars. In the interview amongst others: Mariana Karepova, president of the Austrian Patent Office and Dr. Hannes Burger, Managing Partner of ABP Attorneys Burger and Partner. 

See the video

(Foto: (C) Lendl), (November 2015)

A patent for almost all of Europe

rechtsanwalt hannes burger zum eu einheitspatent Is the unitary patent finally true, after nearly 40 years of proceedings?

Attorney at Law Dr. Hannes Burger gives an update about the recent status of the European unitary patent and explains which challenges the European countries are facing. 

Find out here: Magazin Informer, issue 9/2015 (No 46), page 35

(September 2015)