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(in the picture: Mag. Sonja Wager, European Patent Attorney DI Stefan Wieser, Attorney at Law Mag. Sabine Mahringer, Patent Attorney Mag.rer.nat Andreas Rossoll)

ABP Anwälte Burger und Partner Rechtsanwalt GmbH
Mariahilferstraße 121B/8
1060 Vienna

Tel +43 1 23 50 534
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ADVM-Code: P034753

Parking nearby:

  • Garage Mariahilfer Straße - Mariahilferstraße 123, 1060 Wien (ca. 1 minute)
  • Parkplatz 'la stafa' - Kaiserstrasse 7, 1070 Wien (ca. 2 minutes)
  • Parkgarage Mariahilf beim C&A - Mariahilferstraße 96, Einfahrt Zieglergasse 3, 1070 Wien (ca. 4 minutes)
  • Apollo-Garage - Apollogasse 11-13, 1070 Wien (ca. 4 minutes)

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By means of developing, protecting and managing intellectual property on a communicative, integrated and sustainable basis, we help our clients to prosper.
ABP Anwälte Burger & Partner is their clients’ full-service partner in all areas of IP and maintain an international network of specialized law offices.